Hello Beautiful!!! My name is Dannette and I LOVE having beautiful nails! It makes me feel more put together and confident. I hate to wait for polish to dry, and smudges and wet nails are so frustrating when you are a busy woman. I wanted long lasting colors that were durable, and I didn't want to pay tons of cash every two weeks on the upkeep at a salon. So when I tried on Rarity Nails which are 100% real nail polish, I was hooked! You just peel and stick! No wet nails! No waiting! Fun for all ages! Budget friendly! No special tools needed to put them on and there are 18 doubled ended strips per package. Once I wore them....I will never go back to my old ways! Try something new today! Email me anytime at dannicara@gmail.com with q's. You can have pretty nails on a budget too!

In a Galaxy Far Far Away…


I can not say enough about these!!!
They are spectacular!!
There are so many colors going on here, it’s hard to give you an exact description.
It is a solid black base but the effects from the glitter give the illusion it is changing.
The fine glitter comes in an array of galactic colors.
Extreme glitter
Pairs well with

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