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3 in 1 nail tip gel


(Requires UV light to dry properly)

3 in 1

3. Easy to apply (no bubbles)

2. Many uses.
Nail tip glue, base coat, slip solution

1. ECO FRIENDLY! And 7 free!

Rarity Nails “Nail Tip Gel” 3 in 1 will provide Excellent adhesion with no harm and no pungent smell.

How to apply:

Prep your nails. Wash and dry completely.

Refrain from water for 30 minutes before application.

Use alcohol before applying.

Pick the nail that is best suitable for you for all 10 nails before starting application.

You’ll thank me later for this:):)

Apply three in one nail tip gel to you entire natural nail avoid getting on skin.
Or if you prefer you can add three and one nail tip gel to the root of the suitable nail.

Artificial nail must immediately be applied to natural nail and placed under UV lamp for curing it is very important to make sure that there are no air bubbles before drying.

Clean any excess nail gel.
Allow one set timer under the UV lamp more if Necessary.

Clip and file Nails to desired length.

Finish with rarity Nails nail strips and your desired topcoat.

One more quick dry under the preset UV light timer. And BAM! Your nails are on fleek!

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