🌸Hi y'all! My name is Selaphyna (aka Jeana Reese), and I'm from Illinois. I'm a mom of 2 boys, ages 17 and 5, a coffeeholic, and geek at heart.
🌸Like many, I often put myself last - especially as a mom. I rarely had time to pamper myself, and my focus was/is on my family and children. I also loved to have my nails done, but we don't have the extra money for me to go to the salon, or if I paint them myself, it gets smudged quickly (can't wait on that dry time...) or chip the same day. Enter Rarity Nails - I loved that they are so easy to apply and can last much longer than when I paint my nails. I now have salon quality looking nails, but it's definitely within our budget.
🌸I'm looking forward to serving you, helping you pamper yourself, and find the perfect nail strips for any occasion!
🌸If you enjoy things like mom humor, puns, geeky related things, books, coffee, craft ideas & recipes, feel free to like Get Pampered with Selaphyna on Facebook. It is where I am able to offer the latest product information and details from Rarity Nails.

Spiders and web oh my


Limited edition spooky strip

Glow in the dark

May not be delivered before Halloween if ordered after 10-22-2018

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